Corporate Housing in Vancouver

Looking for executive furnished suites in Vancouver? Whether this is related to long-term business travel or a temporary relocation for you and your family members for personal reasons, the professionals at LivinLocal are here to help you locate high quality furnished apartments, furnished condos. and similar types of corporate housing in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 

At LivinLocal, we recognize that our clients are looking for corporate housing, including executive furnished suites in Vancouver, due to a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re selling or purchasing a home and there’s a certain amount of time between the transactions. Maybe you’re caring for a sick family member for a period or your home’s undergoing renovations that require you to be elsewhere until the work’s completed  Whatever the circumstances, at LivinLocal we’re always delighted to be of assistance with your search for furnished housing in Vancouver!

Why stay in a hotel when staying with LivinLocal is always going to be a much better option? You’ll save money and be in a home setting, all while living within a comfortable residential community. Residing in one of our corporate furnished condos or corporate furnished apartments, you’ll feel just like a local right away!

You’ll always feel relaxed in our high-end, top quality, executive furnished suites in Vancouver. You’ll also feel like you’re a part of the beautiful Vancouver community , even if your stay is only temporary. Unlike staying in a hotel, it won’t feel like a sterile environment. All that we ask is that our clients agree to leases of thirty days or more.

LivinLocal’s fully furnished luxury suites are fully equipped with all the essentials of home. When you’re staying in a long-term hotel, dining out for three meals a day grows old pretty quickly. Our furnished suites feature a kitchen with the highest quality appliances and we also provide top of the line kitchenware. Whether it’s your morning coffee or a beautifully prepared meal in the evening, you’ll have everything you need. We always strive to ensure that you feel as if you’re experiencing a meal in the comfort of your own home. LivinLocal also offers washer dryers with each furnished suite. 

None of these benefits are available at most hotels and are a compelling reason why living in one of our executive furnished suites in Vancouver will work for you. There are also financial savings to consider. All amenities are included in your LivinLocal lease, so you can budget your monthly outgoings very easily. Internet, cable, and all monthly expenses are included in the cost of our executive furnished suites in Vancouver. Our buildings offer a range of different amenities. If you prefer a high rise with a gym, pool, expansive views and more, we offer those. We also have smaller buildings if you’re looking for a home with easy access at ground level. 

LivinLocal understands the importance of convenience during your stay. We offer a variety of sizes of properties throughout the Vancouver area. You can choose from one of our many prime locations, once you’ve determined which one works best for your work or personal needs. Whatever your requirements, LivinLocal has it all!

Call us today at 604-416-1600 and allow us get started on finding the perfect place for you. Our highly experienced team members will answer any questions that you may have to help you to make a decision regarding executive furnished suites in Vancouver. If you’re looking at a lease of thirty days or more, LivinLocal is looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Beautifully Furnished Homes For Longterm Stays

We provide furnished homes that are thoughtfully designed & serviced, and ready for when you need it most.

Expect More From Your LivinLocal Property

  • Fully Furnished & Equipped
  • Pet Friendly & No Pet Options
  • Complimentary “Settling In” Service & Orientation upon arrival
  • Secure Parking Stall
  • Smart TVs
  • PVR
  • Google Home
  • Local Phone
  • Cable
  • 300 Mbps WiFi
  • Housekeeping Services
  • In-Suite Laundry
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Robust Housewares
  • Luxury Linens
  • Spa Towels
  • 24hr Emergency Resident Service

24-Hour Emergency Residents Service

Resident safety is of the utmost importance to us. We are available 24/365 to assist our Locals and are committed to offering you the upmost residence support with anything you may need.


A Warm Safe Harbour While Your Primary Residence is Restored

All of our properties are in a safe and secure location with the comforts you'll find at home.